The Restaurant

At Federal Grove, we invite you to “Taste the Kentucky South”. That simply means the finest old fashioned, southern style food, served in an elegantly country setting that has been a place for families to come together for generations.


Whether you like slow roasted beef, Clifty Farm country ham or our buttermilk marinated, skilletfried chicken, we know you’ll be pleased. Our desserts are just as delectable . Choose from our famous Bumbleberry Cobbler, Chocolate Fudge Pie or one of our deliciously moist cakes.


Our evening meals are served family-style, all-you-can-eat, at your table. For lunch we offer a menu complete with fresh salads or a meat and vegetable plate.


Restaurant Hours

Lunch: Lunch menu served 11am-2pm

Dinner: Dinner menu served 5pm-8:30pm

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